Monday, 22 August 2011

Not quite stepping up to the challenge

A while ago Emma posted about the meditation challenge we were embarking upon. So far it's been about 7 days of it, and it hasn't turned out very well for me, at all. Normally, I have quite a hard time concentrating and focusing on anything which doesn't interest me, and am quite easily distracted, so I figured meditation would be really good for me, which it probably is.
Last week was quite a stressful one, and not very good in general, what with bad news all over the place, concerning one of my dogs, and uncertainty about my future and some other small things. My mom was in Paris and I had to dogsit all week, which kind of added to the stress level as well.
I started the meditation challenge with high hopes, and convinced it would be amazing. Little did I know, I wasn't prepared for it at all. I did about 4 of the meditations, and got nowhere. I couldn't seem to get my mind off everything going on, and I was distracted all of the time. I also slept quite a little last week, which probably just added to my failure to focus, or unfocus if you will.

Tomorrow I am going to Copenhagen with my mom, to unravel all of the deliciousness to be found in organic food, and seafood over there. After I get back, I will continue with the meditation challenge, and try to get it to work. I have decided I will make myself do it every day for three weeks, because I'm quite determined to find inner peace through meditation. I think it is all about finding the time, making time for it, and creating a space where you are comfortable and at peace, and that is something I think most of us need. 

Now I am off to do my last shift at work before my tiny mini-break!


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