Sunday, 7 August 2011

About thinking

On Friday we went to my brother's place for dinner, together with a few of his friends. We had a good time and ended up discussing food until it was almost midnight. How is it possible that organic food is labeled as something a bit strange that one should be wary of? How can so many people be so truly fooled to actually regard organic, pure and high-quality food as something potentially harmful? It seems people are not thinking at all with their own brains. Shouldn't any sane person understand that plants that grow naturally in the same way they have been growing for their whole existence are better than those that have been manipulated and treated with chemically made substances? Excuse me but wtf can be harmful about natural? Why is the word 'natural' scorned upon? The only explanation is total manipulation and brainwashing of the human mind. Start thinking people. Everyone knows that the only purpose of business is to make money. There is not and never will be anything 'moral' about business, it is only there to financially benefit the ones who own it. Then, add this to the fact that food, medicine, healthcare, etc is business. Do you think medicines are made to make you better? What would happen if medicines cured people? The whole medicine industry would crash because people wouldn't need more medicine. And what would happen if supermarkets sold healthy food? People would be healthy and in no need of medicines. Understand that what is now main-stream is not meant to be good for you. Most things that are advertised are not meant to be good for you. People tend to have the naïve understanding that shops would not sell things that were bad for them. Newspapers would not tell things that were bad for them. Doctors would not prescribe things that were bad for them. And it's not the shopkeepers, journalists or doctors who are bad. They are just owned and controlled by larger parties, often without knowing it. They would not want to harm you, they're just dutifully doing their job. But it's the business behind everything that is harmful. That's what's controlling everything. When we understand that we have come a long way. When we understand that we have a brain of our own that we can trust. The beautiful thing about all this is that we all have a choice. We can choose what to eat and what to read. We can turn off the television if we want to, or we can stop reading the newspaper. Or continue watching and reading but stop believing what they say. We can make our own decisions and conclusions about our own lives and about what is good for us. We can study what we want, the information is out there. The point is, we can choose to be happy and healthy people, superpeople.

My breakfast this morning (I didn't have a photo when I posted about breakfast)

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