Friday, 26 August 2011

Curing toothache

Just this morning I was boasting about how my wisdom teeth haven't caused me any trouble since I started a super healthy diet. Well, never good to boast, an hour later my wisdom tooth started aching. My gums are too loose around it so sometimes some food gets stuck and causes an infection, no matter how well I eat. So now I'm trying to cure it with echinaforce water, vitamin C in powder form, and chamomile and milfoil tea. This method has cured it many times before so hopefully it'll work again. And of course, no sugar because sugar makes bacteria thrive and competes with vitamin C, making the vitamin's work of curing infections much less effective. So yea, if you suffer from toothache due to infection, first thing to do is to stop eating sugar all together (which no one should eat anyway), and eat vitamin C instead, and gurgle the suffering area with waters and teas made with herbs that cure infections.


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