Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Little breakthroughs

To find something you love doing, and being able to do it, whether a hobby or for work or something else, is incredibly rewarding. Now imagine the feeling when you notice and realize that what you are doing is actually good for you, really good, and you keep noticing a change in yourself, your well-being and your mood and you keep making progress. Pretty amazing right? During the past days, I have had a few revelations like that concerning some things very close to my heart.

First off, after months of me lecturing and pestering my mom about healthy eating and living, I finally had some success. One day, when she had been craving a beetroot salad and went to the store to get a ready made one, she actually decided to read the list of ingredients and ended up not being able to buy it. I love how I finally got through to her, and on her own level, I know I will never be able to convince her to eat raw oatmeal every morning.

After posting about my exercise goals and achievements, I had a pretty bad run last week, which of course happens, but I was quite upset by it. So you can imagine how unbelievably proud I felt on Saturday when I ran my fastest mile yet! It saved my entire week! And gave me even more motivation to keep running and doing what I'm doing. It also convinced me that I did the right thing by actually cutting down some on my exercising.

To sum all of this up, I was wondering why I had a terrible headache all day today. I went out on Saturday and had a little to drink, so that was an obvious one, but it shouldn't last until today. Then I realized that I'd had sugar, and some chips yesterday, and suddenly everything made a whole lot of sense! I've felt so amazing while eating healthy good food, and now I will definitely not stray for a while again, it is not worth it.

This was just to sum up the small achievements I've made, and to let you know that it is rewarding to stick to what you believe in and reap the benefits.


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