Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Weekly inspiration

I wanted to talk to you more about Embercombe, the place, and what it's all about. It is definitely a place for all sorts of inspiration, so it will represent my inspiration for this week.

When you first arrive, you come down this winding road, into a beautiful valley surrounded by woods, and it's just simply breathtaking. There are meadows, gardens, orchards, woods, a lake, ie pretty much everything you need. When walking around the land, you can never run out of new things to explore. I thought I'd seen everything the first day, but later noticed that was not the case. At all.

The garden is natural, not too controlled, and obviously organic. The garden also provides most of the food being consumed at Embercombe, which is quite a lot as there are always volunteers and apprentices around. Everyone seems to be welcome at Embercombe, and what I find most inspiring about the place is the love and compassion that is all around. The Earth is loved for the food it gives us, and in all the other ways it sustains us. There is a tremendous amount of respect for all things living.

If you stay the night, while doing the Journey, or something of the sort, you sleep in a yurt. A yurt is a small round structure, super cosy, and the yurts at Embercombe have a window in the ceiling so you can fall asleep watching the stars, even if you're not sleeping outside (which you can of course do as well, I did one night)

I am sure places like this can and do exist all over the world, all it takes is love and respect towards nature, and people helping each other out. It is nothing impossible, as obviously it has already been done. One of the first things I was told by another Journeyer was that the land holds a certain magic, that the land heals and that it is all our land. I like that thought.

The motto of Embercombe is "touching hearts, stimulating minds and inspiring committed action for a truly sustainable world"


ps. the pics are Emma's.

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