Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Journey of a Lifetime

I've started this post about five times now, but I just cannot seem to be able to put into words the story about the most amazing and rewarding experience of my life.

As Emma said, she'd talked about doing the Catalyst and about Embercombe in general, and apparently she had planted a seed in my mind. After what now seems like a quite difficult year or two, it just hit me, that that was what I was going to do. It was never actually a conscious decision, it just was. Everything fell into place, as it often does when you do what is right.

After everything was done, I had signed up for the Journey and booked my flight tickets and settled everything with work, I wasn't feeling all too good about going. The closer it came, the more annoyed I became with "having to do this stupid thing" I'm laughing as I sit here writing this, Embercombe is one of the most welcoming and beutiful places on Earth, and I had nothing to be scared or nervous about.

What happened was that I spent five incredible days in the English countryside, learning so much about myself, and getting to know some 30 or 40 people who will always hold a very special place in my heart, found what may be the ground for my own place in the world, and started to live, to actually really live life. I don't want to tell you very much at all about what we actually did, because i sincerely hope that some of you will embark upon this most wonderful adventure at some point.

I want to end this post by expressing my sincere heartfelt thank you to all the people I crossed paths with during my stay at Embercombe, and I cannot wait to go back.


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