Tuesday, 25 October 2011

One tiny drop

Today Emma and I did the good deed of the week by donating blood. This was my second time doing it, and Emma's first. It's a really good way to help out, and you also get something in return, you get a sandwich and some biscuits for your effort, as well as knowing your blood type and if you have HIV or hepatitis (the blood is always tested before being used, obviously).

My blood group is A+, which is the most common one in Finland, and if you believe in the whole "eat according to your blood type" thing, an A+ person thrives on a vegetarian diet. Looks like I've been making the right choices then. Emma will find hers out next week.

We also learnt a few new things, like it takes the body 24 hours to regain the fluids you lose by donating blood, and my mom informed me that the human body contains 5 liters of blood, which I found surprising as I thought it would have been more. The nice nurse at veripalvelu also told me that you can give - blood to a + type patient, but not the other way around.

You have the opportunity to learn something new every day.


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