Wednesday, 14 September 2011

If at first you don't succeed...

The first week of my 21 day cleanse went superbly, for the first 6 days. Come Saturday night and all of Sunday, I failed, miserably. So on Monday I started from day one again. And with better equipment as well, as I got my blender back (it isn't really mine, it's a remnant from a previous relationship, recycling all the way!) and my precious raw food cookbook. In light of my previous failure, I'm determined to make it this time, and have so far been better at planning my meals etc. As I'm working almost all the time, every day, I need to have meals which are easy to take with me to work and to prepare in advance.

I start every day with a glass of water with some lemon juice and cayenne pepper in it. To work I bring my green morning juice, which looks absolutely poisonous but is totally delish. I also take some lunch, which today consisted of zucchini "pasta" with vegan pesto, and some snacks, which can be nuts, fruits or a smoothie if I feel like making one at 4am. When I get home I have dinner, which can be pretty much whatever I feel like making. Today I had a delicious avocado and sprout salad with parsley and chickpeas.

The effect of eating like this has so far been tons of energy, a bit too much actually, and bad skin-a sign that the toxins are making their way out of my system. My tummy is also much happier, apart from the times I od on raw chocolate, which has happened once so far, and it was completely nauseating so that won't happen again. I eat less than I would normally, which is a good thing. I'm never starving, and my blood sugar levels seem to be fairly stable, ie I don't crash at any point. Thus my conclusion is that I feel better all over by eating like this, I only wish my skin would clear up already. I will now start working on my meditation, and to incorporate yoga into my work-out routine.


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  1. I hadn't read your blog in a while until just now... haha I'm trying to eat raw as well! I do still have some cooked things in my diet... mostly just quinoa once a day because it's yummy. I have definitely noticed my face breaking out a bit which is annoying, and i feel like i have more energy than when i drink coffee... I like ti because i can get less sleep but still wake up feeling completely "rested." I've also been getting a bit of a headache but i feel pretty confident that it's just bad sugar withdrawal. how is raw chocolate? i can't find it anywhere- not even our whole foods market.