Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Breakfast for champs

For a while now I have been systematically going through all the breakfast recipes in my raw food book, more or less successfully. A few days ago I made a nut porridge which it took me about 5 hours to eat because it was so heavy, and I didn't even finish it. Other than the nut porridge there has been some fruit porridge and one or two smoothies. Anyhow, yesterday I tried what is now my absolute favorite breakfast of all time, and so simple I'm quite ashamed I haven't thought about it myself. It is simply berries (I've used raspberries and blueberries, and today I had raspberries and blackcurrant) a banana, a few crushed hazelnuts and some honey. Obviously you have quite a lot of options with this, as you can use any berries you like, and the same goes for the nuts. I like to have the banana in there because it's the most filling fruit I know, so it keeps you full longer. I've also been using frozen berries, as berry season is pretty over here in the north, and apparently the frozen berries you can buy at any local store are bound to be flash frozen right after harvesting in order to lock in the nutrients, so they're not really that much worse than fresh ones. Surely better than the fresh ones transported from another country or continent.


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