Monday, 28 November 2011

The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself

I have been absent for a while, for which I apologize. I have, again, been testing to see just how far I can stretch myself. And learned a lot in the process. I've been working a LOT, and not sleeping anywhere near enough. Since I refuse to let my life be all about work, I was also cramming tons of other things into my already quite full calendar. Anyways, this all led to me being about a third of myself, and going to see a doctor for a sore throat who, when she heard of my sleeping habits (or lack thereof) was horrified and forced me to take a week of sick leave and gave me a prescription for sleeping pills.

This sort of made it all sink in, just how crazy I've been. So I am now trying to get back to sleeping enough, and well, and trying to eat enough, and just trying to make sure I feel good all over. I will be working a lot less in December, so that should help.

Anyway, this was just a small apology and explanation, I had a yoga course last weekend, I will get into that more later.

Take care of yourselves people, you are all you have.


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