Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Heart-warming drink

Inspired by Jaakko Halmetoja and my new blender, I made a really wintery, warm drink to take with me to my language classes yesterday. The taste was great, and the warming effect could definitely be felt. Here's what I put in it:

Heart-warming winter drink


For the base, I used ca 0,75 litre of hot chaga infusion, into which I added 1 tbsp cold-pressed sunflower seed oil, 1 tbsp raw cacao butter, and a glass of hempseed milk, to get a variety of good fats which provide a steady energy source.

raw cacao butter

hempseed milk

At this point I turned the blender on for a while, to prepare the creamy base. Then I added 2 tbsp raw cacao powder and 1 tsp natural ground vanilla for a great taste, 1 tbsp maca powder to increase brain activity and energise my general mood, and a pinch of cayenne pepper and Himalayan rose salt for kicks. Finally I threw in 1 tbsp wild organic honey to sweeten it up, and voilà, there's my drink, enjoy!

ground maca root

This drink can be poured into a thermos in order to keep it warm throughout the day, and it can be drunk instead of hot chocolate because it's very chocolatey.



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